Most Popular College Choices

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Rechtschaffen is a member institution of NCCRS, a
program that evaluates qualified learning experiences and sets forth credit
recommendations that are used by colleges and universities when making transfer
decisions. Listed below are a few colleges and universities that are popular choices
for RIJS students.

Thomas Edison State University
Thomas Edison State University  101 W. State St.    Trenton, NJ 08608-1176    1 (888) 442-8372

At a Glance

Chartered in 1972, Thomas Edison State University is one of New Jersey’s senior public institutions of higher learning and one of the oldest schools in the country designed specifically for adults. The University offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in more than 100 areas of study as well as undergraduate, graduate, and professional certificates. The New Jersey State Library is an affiliate of the University.


Excelsior University
Excelsior University , 7 Columbia Circle    Albany, NY 12203-5159, Toll free: 888-647-2388
Excelsior University allows the transfer of 113 credits out of  120 to earn a BA in Liberal Arts. Many RIJS students choose to transfer up to 113 NCCRS credit recommendations earned through RIJS into Excelsior, and take the 1 credit information literacy requirement along with the 3 credit Capstone and Cornerstone online 8 week courses through Excelsior directly.    Excelsior recognizes RIJS as one of the NCCRS educational institutions and lists RIJS on their website during the registration process.  As such, RIJS students are eligible for certain benefits all NCCRS affiliate organizations receive.