Most Popular College Choices

Rechtschaffen is a member institution of NCCRS and therefore  eligible to have our credits transferred to over 1500 institutions. Listed are  some colleges which seem to be popular with most students.

Thomas Edison State College
Thomas Edison State College  101 W. State St.    Trenton, NJ 08608-1176    1 (888) 442-8372
You can transfer in all 120 credits. This policy will change  as July 2012 when a 3 credit Capstone course will be required. However be  advised that your final transcript from TESC will not have a GPA listed as  their policy is only to give a GPA based on courses you took directly through  them. This is not a problem for many graduate schools as most require  transcripts be sent from the institution of origin. Rechtschaffen provides a  full transcript with a GPA listed. Please refer to our page on TESC  requirements for secular courses.

Excelsior College
Excelsior College , 7 Columbia Circle    Albany, NY 12203-5159, Toll free: 888-647-2388
Excelsior College allows the transfer of 117 credits out of  120. Many students will transfer up to 116 credits and take the 1 credit information literacy  requirement along with the 3 credit Capstone at Excelsior. Both are done  online. Excelsior will show the grades of Rechtschaffen students on the final  transcript cumulating with a GPA.   Excelsior is sensitive to the students coming in with Judaic credits and  there is an advisor who is familiar with Judaic courses.

Charter Oak State College
Phone: 860.515.3855
Charter Oak is a member of the State  University of Connecticut. They require 6 credits be taken at their  institution; a Cornerstone and Capstone course. However their other secular  requirements are greater than Thomas Edison and Excelsior. Please refer to  link.

Empire State CollegeEmpire State College will allow you  to transfer in up to 90 credits. Thirty credits must be taken at Empire.

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Touro College – accepts all Rechtschaffen credits with prior approval.