From Credits To Career

  • Earn over 100 credits with KosherCredits and finish your secular courses in various ways.
  • You can combine our leading Judaic study courses with your existing seminary or Yeshiva credits.  Then finish your secular courses in various ways.
  • Have a customized degree program in a specific career major of your choice combining our Judaic credits  with necessary core professional courses that lead to a specific degree.
  • Take the maximum Jewish credits allowed or combine with credits from a variety of sources. We show you how.
  • Take courses and or tests in Judaic Studies. We have over 100 credits available (hyperlink to course page) which transfer to over 1500 institutions including Thomas Edison, Charter Oak, Empire State, FDU, and Excelsior (hyperlink to partner page).  We will show you how.

Get a premium Ivy League-style Degree without paying a premium price

There is no cookie cutter method to getting a degree and establishing your career.  Courses, credits and degrees come in all forms.  We help you figure out the plan that’s best for you.

Register for a free 30 minute consultation helps you explore all options and career choices whether you want a basic degree, the traditional “frum careers” such as education, accounting, and the therapies, or you want to look at other alternatives including professional schools, information technology, and many others that will help you earn a high salary.  Sign-Up NOW for your free 30 minute Coaching Consultation.

Your values  * Your lifestyle * Your budget 

Your Career * Your Way