Earn Your Degree

The Rechtschaffen Institute of Judaic Studies offers nationally recognized exams and courses designed by Rabbonim and professional educators. You are in complete control and can work at your own pace. After your free 30 minute advisement, optional coaching is available to those who need further assistance. The following is how you get started towards earning your degree.

Rechtschaffen is not a degree granting institution. We are here to assist in the process of getting your degree from various regionally accredited institutions.




  Step 1 is to Register with Rechtschaffen. After completion, you

  will receive an email to set up an appointment for

  a free 30 minute consultation with one of our advisors.

Our advisors will make it clear and easy for you to navigate through the process

of getting your bachelors degree.



 Rechtschaffen has over 100 transferable

credits that will go towards your bachelors degree. You

can use existing  credits from yeshiva or seminary

to combine with RIJS credits to earn your degree as well.




  Step 2 is to speak with our advisors. Our advisors

  will help you decide which college is best to transfer

  your RIJS credits to in order to get your final degree. Your secular

requirements will be based on the college of choice. See our Partner Institutions .

RIJS Tests

Step 3 is once registered and advised, you will begin

    to start testing from our Judaic Courses with the use of our

study guides and audios. We make it convenient

for you to test at home or at a center.


Step 4 is to recieve your grades through email

or student login which takes approximately

one to two weeks.



Grades get transcripted and sent to the

college of choice. When credits are completed, both

RIJS credits and the mandatory secular courses of

your regionally-accredited online college, you will have completed your degree!