MA Programs

Master’s Degree Programs that RIJS graduates can attend:

New York Institute of Technology has some highly competitive MA programs such as their Occupational Therapy Program.  RIJS has worked diligently to secure the necessary path for our graduates to get into this program.  Contact us for details.

Monroe College is a private college and graduate school based in New York City. The college was founded in 1933 and has four campuses spread throughout New York City. The college is named after James Monroe, the fifth President of the United States.  Monroe College is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Monroe College is a popular destination for students who wish to pursue a degree in business, both on an undergraduate level, and a graduate level.  Thanks to RIJS’s new courses in business and finance, this program is now available to RIJS students.

Bellevue University has a sprawling campus in Omaha Nebraska and thanks to Rabbi Pesach Lerner who has developed a relationship with them, a student with RIJS credits can use Rabbi Lerner’s program to earn their MA through Bellevue University Social Work and other attractive fields which can be highly rewarding and lucrative.  A degree from Bellevue is widely recognized in the working world and allows students an opportunity to be accepted into virtually any position by way of its prestige.

There are many other MA programs available to our students which we are not allowed to advertise due to the unique relationships we have developed in June of 2021 using our new course list in fields such as Psychology, Sociology, Business, Finance, Culinary Arts, and more.  For more details please contact us.