About Us

The Rechtschaffen Institute of Judaic Studies was founded in 2010 with the goal of helping Yeshiva and seminary students earn their degree in an appropriate environment in line with their education and background, and without having to compromise their values.  We saw that there was a growing need in the religious community for students to earn their undergraduate degree and in direct response to this need, we developed college level courses in Jewish studies such as Bible, Ethics, Talmud, and Jewish Law in order to allow students to earn credits in these fields which could then be transferred to regionally accredited colleges such as Excelsior College, Thomas Edison State College, Charter Oak State College, and Empire State thereby allowing students to complete their Bachelors undergraduate degree without compromising their values.  In 2012, we realized that although we could bring a student up to around 100 credits with the Jewish studies, we could not help them fulfill their core requirements of English composition, Math, and Science, so we founded the TOR Academy, a subsidiary of RIJS in order to offer students the full experience of fulfilling everything they would need to graduate under one roof.  Formed under the direction of Yeshivas Bircas Hatorah in Jerusalem, our program is designed to help a student earn a BA in the most efficient way possible and in an environment which they can feel fully comfortable with.

Available to both men and women, anyone around the world can enroll, study with our custom study guides and audio and visual aids, and ultimately come in to test in our center in the Old City of Jerusalem, or online in our online testing center.  Once a student registers with us they will receive an email welcoming them to our program and have full access to all our study guides and materials.

We have testing centers throughout that world, with a multinational team working together to offer the smoothest testing experience for both students and test administrators.

RIJS and our subsidiary TOR courses and exams have been evaluated for college level credit recommendations by The National College Recommendation Service (NCCRS). These recommendations will be considered for transfer to over 1,400 institutions.